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Pallet Selling

In ELETAN we have a wide variety of types and dimensions of pallets to meet your every need.

Europalletes EPAL

  1. Europollets EPAL
  2. Pallets CP1 – CP9
  3. Lightweight & heavy pallets

Europalletes EPAL

The pallets are made according to special regulations. Usually most pallets in Greece belong to the EPAL category, the so-called European pallets and have the EPAL mark EUR. It is the most common standard for pallet construction in Europe and is officially followed by most countries.

Europalettes have 3 main categories regarding the dimensions and the construction plan.

EPAL 1: 120cm x 80cm
EPAL 2: 120cm x 100cm
EPAL 3: 100cm x 120 cm

Pallets CP1 – CP9

CP pallets are made in nine different sizes and are used in many industries because they can be replace Europallets having a readability and quality value.

CP – 1: 100cm x 120cm
CP – 2: 80cm x 120cm
CP – 3: 114cm x 114cm
CP – 4: 120cm x 130cm
CP – 5: 114cm x 76cm
CP – 6: 100cm x 120cm
CP – 7: 120cm x 130cm
CP – 8: 114cm x 114cm
CP – 9: 114cm x 114cm

Lightweight & heavy pallets

A heavier pallet may hold more product, but the trade-off is higher transportation costs. Lightweight pallets may be easier on fuel and more convenient to handle, but often don’t have the capacity or durability of their heavier counterparts.

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