Recycling & Reform

EL.ET.AN – Recycling & Reform

Recycling is the process by which it is reached the re-use of waste – such as plastic and metal – and the reintroduction in production resulting Environmental Protection due to the reduction of waste volume and energy saving and raw materials.

Today, recycling is a business activity that both contribute decisively to protect the environment and also bring substantial economic and management benefits for companies that use this alternative for waste management.

The activities of EL.ET.AN for recycling include:

  1. Disposal of packaging from the premises of industries with private trucks.
  2. Sorting of packages by type.
  3. Overhaul – Recycling of packaging, Recycle barrels.
  4. Concentration of non-recyclable materials and promote them in legally operating landfills.
  5. Marketing recycled packaging.

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