Reform - Recycling - reuse

EL.ET.AN – Reform, Recycling and reuse

Reformation is the process by which the reuse of used packaging for hazardous and non-hazardous materials is achieved.

Reformation is a business activity that:

  1. Contributes significantly to environmental protection.
  2. Yields significant economic benefits to companies that use this alternative solution for storing and transporting their products.
  3. Yields significant management benefits.

The production process is divided into four categories:

  1. Reformation of plastic drums (open and closed type).
  2. Reformation of metal drums (open and closed type).
  3. Reformation of pallet tanks.
  4. Reformation of pallets

The Recycling - Reformation process includes:

  1. Collection of packaging from industrial facilities using company-owned trucks.
  2. Sorting of packaging by type.
  3. Reshaping and repairing from damages.
  4. Internal and external cleaning.
  5. Painting of metal barrels.
  6. Quality control.


Collecting used pallets is one of the most environmentally friendly methods. A large volume of unwanted wooden pallets can cause inconvenience for your business.

Managing used pallets can not only take significant time, but getting rid of them can often prove expensive. Eletan offers the possibility of collecting all types of unwanted pallets from your facilities.

The pallet collection service is a simple option for organizations that no longer need their pallets, allowing us to manage the entire collection process.

Purchase of Pallets

We buy all the used pallets that you have and don’t need. We pick up the pallets from your facilities with our own trucks.

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