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EL.ET.AN is a rapidly growing Recycling company with a specialized structure that offers integrated services.

EL.ET.AN – Activities & Certifications

EL.ET.AN is a dynamically growing recycling company with a specialized structure and offers integrated services.

The activities of EL.ET.AN include:

  1. Collection of packaging from industrial facilities with owned trucks
  2. Sorting of packaging by type
  3. Refurbishment-recycling for reuse of empty packaging
  4. Trading of recycled packaging.

For the safe management of hazardous waste, ΕL.ΕΤ.ΑΝ. collaborates with licensed companies.

In the context of its operation, ΕL.ΕΤ.ΑΝ. has obtained the necessary certification of suitability from DQS Hellas E.P.E. for the Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2000 and the Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001:05.

Moreover, the company possesses all the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Environment and Energy and from the 11 regions of Greece for the collection and transportation of packaging, which is carried out in cooperation with KE.PE.D. A.E., the Alternative Management System for Waste Lubricating Oil Packaging.


The processes of reforming, recycling, reusing, processing and utilizing solid waste are carried out in accordance with the licenses obtained by E.L.E.T.A.N. and all the cooperating companies from the Prefecture of Evia and the Region of Central Greece. The waste collection vehicles and equipment have the required technical specifications, as specified in the Framework Specifications and General Programs for Solid Waste Management (Ministerial Decision 114218/1997).

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